5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Neighbourhood

What factors do you consider when you set out to buy a house that brings you the best of life and living? Do you prefer location over affordability or vice versa when you look for your dream house? Or do you place a luxurious lifestyle above every other factor? Or is there a completely different factor that matters most to you when you go looking for a house?

We have generated a list of 5 crucial factors that you must consider before buying a house, especially in Mumbai’s real estate, to make the process of house hunting simpler for you. And if you are buying a home for the first time, then you will find the following factors very helpful.

5 Factors to consider when buying a house

1. Location:

The important factor that can make your days longer or shorter. The factor that will decide where you spend most of your time in traffic or relaxing on your couch. The location where you buy a new house can shape the very essence of your daily life. Mumbai real estate is brimming with projects that promise you less commute time but only a few of those projects are able to fulfil that promise depending solely on their location. One of the few such projects is a project by Bharat Realty called Arize, located in the prime area of the Western Suburbs of Mumbai, offering you excellent connectivity to major hotspots in Mumbai. Always choose a location that cuts down your travelling time to various places, especially the daily commute to your office.

2. Affordable Luxury Living:

When looking for a home, people need not choose between luxury or affordability, few reputed builders do provide lavish luxurious homes at a credible price. Mumbai real estate is sometimes known to put a strain on your budget; hence, we suggest you browse the market to understand the proper market value of a house, especially in these dynamic times and then determine whether the property is affordable or not. This will increase the chances of you buying a house that is truly luxurious and well within your range. A name that we could suggest is Bharat Realty’s Ecovistas project at Shilphata – Mahape.

3. Spacious Homes:

If you are a parent or are planning to have children, then a spacious home must be at top of your priority list. Your kids need ample of space to learn, grow and develop for a happy childhood experience. So when you are buying a flat in Mumbai make sure that the flat is spacious enough to accommodate your child’s big dreams and your own aspirations as well.

4. Lifestyle and Amenities:

These days a home that uplifts your lifestyle is more important than a home that is at par with your lifestyle. And there are multiple projects in Mumbai that offer you a range of amenities in a pocket friendly budget. One of such projects is Bharat Realty’s Ecovistas which enriches your lifestyle with an array of amenities. Amenities not only work as bonus factor when buying a house but they certainly enrich the way you perceive and live your life.

5. Nearby Facilities and Service:

When you are buying a home for the first time, there is a good possibility that you may forget to notice whether the essential facilities are within a close range of your house or not. Always buy a house which has nearby hospitals, nearby medical shops and nearby schools for the ease of living. You may also want to consider the distance from an entertainment hub, mall, park and community centers.

These are the important 5 factors which we consider of utmost importance before buying the house of your dreams. Finding the perfect home may take time but if you stick to the above mentioned factors it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

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