A Quick Guide to Mumbai’s Commercial Real Estate Sector

Since the last couple of decades, our country has seen a growth in the commercial real estate sector. With India on the rise as a global economic power, there is a huge demand for better and larger office spaces. Real estate companies are investing heavily in developing spacious, luxurious and grand corporate parks that cater to the ever-growing demand. Corporate real estate listings are soaring high, especially in Mumbai, the financial capital of our nation. For that, we could thank the better infrastructure, seamless connectivity and the population of Mumbai. But there are a few other important factors that make Mumbai the preferred choice for commercial real estate properties; here’s a quick guide:

1. Abundant Opportunities

Mumbai is rightly known as the ‘city of dreams’. It is one of India’s major financial hubs, entertainment hubs, hospitality and tourism centres, along with being a densely populated city. All these factors combine to create a plethora of opportunities for a business to launch, grow and sustain. Hence, both residential and commercial properties in Mumbai are always in high demand. Mumbai offers a wide range of commercial spaces to support various big and small businesses such as banks, hotels, shops, boutiques, agencies, hospitals, manufacturing plants, commercial industries, and so on. The most important factor for any business is the number of footfalls in their stores, and no other city in India is as densely populated as Mumbai. Hence, the businesses here have an edge when it comes to offline sales.

2. Rental Rates & ROI

In recent times, commercial property has become the investment of choice in Mumbai, for its great return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, a property in Mumbai is always of great value for so many reasons; a person could either start a business in it themselves or rent it out. Rents in Mumbai are reasonable and generate a good profit for the owner while also making the tenant happy. Thus, allowing an entrepreneur to occupy a commercial property for lease that suits his or her interests for a few years and run a profitable business. Over the last decade, Mumbai has offered plenty of luxurious and efficient business parks and stand-alone edifices that cater to various businesses and personalities. Before renting or buying a commercial property to thoroughly check all the necessary parameters and whether they match your business needs or not.

3. Residential & Market Proximity

Mumbai real estate is a dynamic market which continues to hold its place as India’s preferred investment destination for residential as well as commercial spaces. The reason Mumbai is everyone’s favourite is because of the convenience and proximity that this city has to offer. Mumbai consists of a good blend of corporate and residential complexes, as compared to other cities, which often have corporate sectors either on the outskirts of the city or well beyond it. Plus, the city offers seamless connectivity, more modes of transportation and better infrastructure to go with it. One such quality commercial property that we could suggest you is Bharat Realty’s Arize; which offers exceptional space right next to a packed residential complex.
Furthermore, even the inter-city commutes from Mumbai are convenient, which aids in importing raw materials and delivering finished products to various national markets.


As India is on the verge of becoming a global economic power, there is a high demand for commercial properties in the country. Mumbai is the preferred choice for investors due to the many advantages it offers. Any investment property in Mumbai, whether it be residential or commercial, is of high value. So, if you find a commercial property for sale that meets your business needs, we suggest you go for it. And if you are looking for a commercial space outside the city but within close proximity, we recommend the Eco Business Park by Bharat Realty, located in the upcoming locality of Shilphata.

Check all the necessary parameters before purchasing or leasing any commercial property, and if necessary, contact a real estate broker.

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