Top Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

The city of dreams, the financial capital of India — Mumbai. Everyone wants to live in one of the top luxury apartments in Mumbai — that is just the dream! What makes this dream even more desirable is that the number of luxury residential projects in Mumbai are limited; exclusivity has its own charm as they say. The upcoming projects here look promising and some do offer truly luxurious, majestically grand and sincerely exclusive lifestyle.

Even though numerous upcoming real estate projects in Mumbai promise an exclusive living and luxurious lifestyle, only a handful live up to their claims. And out of these handfuls, even fewer are authentically good enough to be known as the top luxury apartments of the city. In accordance with apartments that bring forth a truly luxurious lifestyle, two highly regarded names come to mind: Juhu Vistas and Juhu Acropolis. These two projects exhibit elegance, eminence and grandeur up to the last detail and give out abundant reasons to be in the top 5 list; down below we have mentioned a few:

1. Location:

Mumbai is a city as big as the dream itself. Hence, only a project that is located in the plushest region of Mumbai could be called a top luxury apartment. Juhu Vistas and Juhu Acropolis both as their names suggest are in Juhu – the crème de la crème region of Mumbai. Everything about this location exhibits class and finesse. The properties that are designed and built here are mostly among the finest 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments in Mumbai. Hence, a home here is of prime importance to each and every distinguished person.

2. Full-Floor-Apartments:

Many a times, only exclusivity can ensure assured luxury style living. And what is more exclusive than a full floor reserved just for you? Juhu Vistas and Juhu Acropolis both offer a lavish and luxurious full- floor-apartment, making them two of the most distinctly exclusive apartments in Mumbai; to add to the finesse, they house only 9 and 15 residential families respectively. Thus, for luxury flats in Juhu, you don’t have to look any further.

3. Opulent and Magnificent Designs:

Aesthetics and luxury often go hand in hand. What’s the point of luxury 3 bed homes if they are not aesthetically pleasing? Hence, a luxurious apartment has to be both substantially spacious and magnificently beautiful. Juhu Vistas and Juhu Acropolis offer exactly this – Luxury with Beauty! Their design is something to admire and be inspired of. A well-crafted piece of edifice that puts them on everybody’s desire list - instantly.

When you go hunting for your dream home, don’t be deceived by just big promises but also consider the location, design, efficiency, and connectivity of the project to prime locations. And before you begin your apartment hunting elsewhere, do visit Bharat Juhu Vistas and Bharat Juhu Acropolis, for the above-mentioned reasons and more. Bharat Realty has been one of the top players when it comes to 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments in Mumbai, their name has been a trust mark for many.

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