Women’s role in real estate buying decisions - International Women’s Day

Indian real estate has traversed a long distance to reach a beautiful era.  A time that’s inundated by people who don’t just construe a woman as a male’s equal counterpart but believe in taking their buy-in on every crucial front.  And it’s no different when it comes to making real estate buying decisions.

Multiple factors influence real estate buying in India, and when it comes to women buyers or influencers, they’re surmised to have the most unique way of evaluating things. And for first-time home buyers, what really matters is their dream of owning a house, which they can proudly call their own home. That exact emotion, to a certain extent, augments the role of women in real estate buying.

Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Bharat Infra, one of the most trusted realtors in India is more than proud to help you assimilate the topic of women’s influence on real estate buying.

Financial freedom:

As women have started growing financially independent, their decision-making got even firmer. They call the shots, be it for a real estate property for end-use or just for investment purposes. According to a recent study, about 62% of Indian women chose real estate as a preferred investment option over the stock market, gold, or fixed deposits.


Another mammoth reason for the upsurge in women home buyers is the set of benefits offered to them. The various interest subvention schemes under CLSS for first-time women buyers in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna scheme [PMAY-U] are simple examples of the same. This scheme provides first-time women buyers, a loan subsidy of up to 2.67 lakhs. *

Plus, stamp duty waiver is also coming as a big boon to women buyers. In certain states, women end up paying stamp duty that’s around one to two percent lesser as compared to their male counterparts. Not only that, many banks even offer women real estate buyers reduced interest rates as well.

Far-fetched vision:

Today’s women have seen the world and they have mastered the art of managing the home with work. Juggling these roles, she has also understood the current and future needs of the family. They comprehend the upcoming needs of children and other family members, and hence, put forward their valued opinions in choosing the right configuration, location, space, etc.

All in all, it would be prudent to say that women, today, have proved that their buying decisions or preferences in choosing a home have worked in the favour of the family. And calling them ‘the real – real estate buying influencers’ won’t be an overstatement.

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